Introducing Skeletron

For the last couple of months I’ve been working on an app to make publishing this site (or any other simple, static website) from your Mac a lot easier. It’s called Skeletron and it’s available starting today Get Skeletron

The new Mac Pro is a design remix

Arun on the design of the Mac pro:

The Pro Display XDR isn’t the first Apple product to feature an arm like this. 2002’s iMac G4, the first flatscreen iMac, debuted with an arm connecting the hemispherical body to the flat panel. That arm was so strong that Apple actually recommended it be used as the handle for moving the computer around.

Dropbox Desktop App

Interesting approach by Dropbox. Universal search sounds great:

Search all of your content across traditional, web-based files, and shortcuts, including Dropbox files stored only in the cloud.


This new hand-held console by Panic (hardware by Teenage Engineering) looks great.


Hi there! I’ve been meaning to start writing a blog for years now. Now that I’m working on Skeletron I really don’t have any excuse anymore.