The greatest egg salad in the world

The secret to making a great egg salad, is making your own mayonaise. It's a great skill to have in general, I make all my own mayonaise now. It's so much more creamy and you can control the taste and flavour it however you want.


Egg salad

People think making mayonnaise is hard, but it's actually not. It takes some practice, but once you get the hang of it, you will succeed every time.

First, make sure you have the right equipment.

This is not essential, you can make mayonnaise with a fork in a small bowl once you know what you're doing, when starting out it's easier to use a whisk and a fairly large mixing bowl.

I really like OXO's 11-Inch balloon whisk, it has a great handle, is quite durable and easy to clean.

I have a set of Rosti Mepal mixing bowls but any bowl will do as long as they have a non flat bottom, this makes it impossible to have anything stick in the corners.

Making mayonnaise

Break the egg and put it in the bowl

Do this in a separate bowl. It's important the egg white doesn't get into the bowl you're using to mix, or you won't be able to incorporate the oil.

Add the vinegar and mustard

Mix all of this together before you add any oil.

Slowly add the oil

This is the step you have to be most carefull. The idea is to add a little bit of oil, mix with the whisk untill it's fully incorporated before adding any more.

Start with a few drops. As more and more oil is incorporated you can add more oil each cycle.

For the salad

Add the boiled egg yokes

Add only the yokes first, add some mayonnaise and blend into a paste.

Add the egg whites

Break the white with your hands, the raggedy edges make it easier for the other flavours to stick to the egg.

Add everything else

You can get creative here and add anything you like. Just make sure to taste. Since there is enough salt and fat already in the base, adding anything sour will help lift the flavour.