Redesigned the ticket sell flow to be seamless and consistent

The sell flow is the life blood of TicketSwap. Most tickets offered on the platform are sold - quickly - so making it as easy as possible to sell a ticket wherever you are is crucial to our success.

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Sell tickets any time, any place

We redesigned the complete sell flow to work great on mobile while keeping it consistent accross all platforms.

Due to some smart features - like uploading straight from Gmail - and improvements in usability and speed we gained a 10% increase in conversions.

UI Design Lead

Drove the design and implementation of our first design system

By introducing a modular component based design system build in Sketch we allowed product teams to quickly iterate while creating usable and consistent results for our users.

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United Wardrobe

Refined the search and discover experience

United Wardrobe is a data driven company. During my time there I was the main designer as part of a scrum team helping them to quickly define and design experiments.

Here are some looks, especially for you

Working together closely with the data analytics team we worked on creating a great discover experience, showing you items based on what you viewed and bought in the past.