TicketSwap is the biggest second hand ticketing platform in The Netherlands and one of the biggest in Europe with over 4 million users.

UX Design Lead

Redesigned the ticket sell flow to be seamless and consistent

The sell flow is the life blood of TicketSwap. Most tickets offered on the platform are sold - quickly - so making it as easy as possible to sell a ticket wherever you are is crucial to our success.

Sell tickets any time, any place

We redesigned the complete sell flow to work great on mobile while keeping it consistent accross all platforms.

Upload straight from Gmail

Due to some smart features - like uploading straight from Gmail - and improvements in usability and speed we gained a 10% increase in conversions.

UI Design Lead

Drove the design and implementation of our first design system

By introducing a modular component based design system build in Sketch we allowed product teams to quickly iterate while creating usable and consistent results for our users.